Academia 2.0 and beyond – How Social Software changes research and education in academia


Michael Koch, Bundeswehr University Munich
Isa Jahnke, Technische Universität Dortmund


The Web 2.0 and Social Software is often attributed with a high potential for addressing today’s challenges in knowledge management and distributed collaboration. This development has already reached industry. Using the term Enterprise 2.0, different possibilities to use Social Software in enterprises are researched. But also in academia, cooperation to generate new knowledge, and to add it to the scientific discourse may radically change under open Web 2.0 conditions. In addition, teaching and learning scenarios might be moved towards technology enhanced lifelong learning communities.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the application of Social Software in academia (research as well as teaching and learning) – and how these new kinds of software might change the whole setting – make new ways of doing research or teaching and learning possible or at least easier to do.

Further information: http://wiki.cscwlab.de/Main/Ecscw2009Ws


Workshop participants are requested to submit a position paper covering practice with Web 2.0 in academia, research focus or research questions, proposals for academic practice with Web 2.0, proposals for new research methods with regard to Web 2.0 in academia or specific case studies (if applicable) and findings to date. Using practical examples the participants should demonstrate how the concepts and developments behind the Web 2.0 and Social Software movement are used in academia, what Web 2.0 characteristics could make a good basis for academia.

Submissions are open indefinitely.
There is no size limit or formatting requirement for position papers.
Please send position papers as PDF or document files to the two organizers:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Position papers will be presented and discussed during the workshop.

Related workshops

The workshop is related to the 8th International conference on the design of cooperative systems (COOP’08) in May 2008 where we held a workshop about ‘Does Web 2.0 make a difference?’. Some results (e.g. about using wikis and blogs) can be found at the Special Issue on the International Journal of Web Based Communities (IJWBC) which will be published in Summer 2009 by Jahnke & Kommers with the title “Web 2.0 goes Academia: Innovative Scenarios for Socio-technical Communities”. The special issue includes eight papers which discuss Web 2.0 in teaching, learning and research practices.

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